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It’s nearly Easter and we are sure you are looking forward to all those fantastic Easter fairs, egg hunts, and a never ending supply of chocolate!

It's a time of great fun for all the family, but we know may parents worry about the sugar intake, and of course the increased risk of tooth decay is the ultimate dentist’s nightmare! Here are some helpful hints to get you and your family smiling healthily through the Easter period:

  • Enjoy the hunts, find the Easter eggs, but restrict eating them to mealtime

  • Reduce the temptation for children to keep snacking on chocolate snacks, distract them with games

  • Slip green, orange, and yellow vegetables and fruits into fillable plastic Easter eggs (available from shops such as Hobbycraft) to help children get their vitamins

  • Use a family fluoride toothpaste to brush at least twice a day.

  • Night time brushing is especially important. If you spit without rinsing last thing at night, the fluoride toothpaste works on repairing the damage done to enamel by sugars through the day!

Wishing you a happy Easter from all of us at William Place Dental Practice!

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