• To listen to your dental problems and to explain treatment and solutions in a way you understand.

  • To respect your dignity and the choices you make.

  • To co-operate with other health care colleagues so as to act in your best interest.

  • To follow the latest cross-infection and other safety guidelines to ensure you are safe in our care.

  • To do all we can to keep to appointment times as we understand your time is valuable.

  • To explain NHS, private and hygienist charges

  • To recommend a date for your next dental check-up and hygienist re-care.

  • To collect payments and deposits before we book your next appointment


  • To follow our advice about your home care routine.

  • To make a note of your appointments and provide at least 48 hours notice if you cannot come to a scheduled appointment, so that we can offer it to another patient

  • To pay the charges presented for assessments and treatment before each visit as requested

  • To follow the advice we give you after treatment.

  • To pre-book your next check-up and hygienist appointments so that you get the appointment that best suits you.

  • To respect our team members, just as we respect you as a patient. Abusive or intimidating behavior will lead to de-registration from our practice.

KEEPING YOU SAFE during COVID-19 pandemic


Our practice meets the stringent Covid-19 requirements for ventilation, PPE and operating protocols to remain open and safely care for existing and new patients.  There is no additional charge for PPE, but pre-payment for services is required. A number of measures are in place to ensure any unnecessary contact with others is avoided throughout your care, as set out below:

Contactless Procedures

To help us minimise the number of people at our practice and comply with social distancing requirements, we ask that you kindly:


  • Complete your health records online as soon as we email you a link to our Patient Portal

  • Pay online or by phone for your treatment at least 48 hours in advance

  • Attend your appointment alone (a child under 16 may be accompanied by 1 adult)

  • Arrive on time and no more than 5 minutes before your appointment

  • Only stop at reception if you could not complete your forms or make payment in advance


Preventive Measures

To help us reduce the risk of spreading the Coronavirus:


  • Please wear your own face covering at all times other than during treatment

  • Kindly use the hand sanitiser at the entrance on arrival

  • We are sorry to inform you that our toilets are out of use at this time.


NHS Appointments – 5 hours/day

Our NHS funding allows our dentists to provide approximately 5 hours of NHS care Monday - Friday.

  • Full advance payment of the NHS Band 1 charge is required before your NHS assessment.

  • Full payment of your NHS Band 2 or Band 3 charge is required at your assessment appointment before further appointments can be booked.

NHS Availability

We have funding for approximately 6000 patients but demand for NHS care far exceeds this. 

  • NHS Care is prioritised for patients who pre-book

  • NHS Care is withdrawn for patients who miss appointments or cancel with less than 48 hrs notice

  • New patients who miss their first NHS appointment will not be offered any further NHS appointments


NHS Waiting Times

There is a long wait for appointments as our dentists already have NHS care booked for a large  number of regular patients.  Alternatively, a list of other NHS dentists is available from reception.


Private Appointments – 3 hours/day

Our dentists offer 3 hours of private care each day.

  • Implants, teeth whitening, orthodontics and other cosmetic treatments are only available privately

  • Patients who do not wish to wait for routine NHS care have the option of private routine dental care. A check-up costs £49 including 2 X-rays

  • A deposit is required to secure appointments


Hygienist Appointments

  • Regular visits to our hygienist will help you to maintain good oral health.

  • Hygienist appointments cost £56

  • Payment in full is required to secure appointments.


Please keep your appointments

  • There is a charge of £1/minute if you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, or miss your appointment

Please pre-book your next appointments

  • Regular patients are advised to schedule their next check-up and hygienist appointments in advance.


Emergency Appointments

We reserve emergency slots for patients in the following circumstances:

  • Trauma

  • Facial Swelling

  • Bleeding after treatment

Urgent Appointments

Appointments for all other conditions depend on availability.


NHS Entitlement

If you have had a course of treatment in the past 2 months you are entitled to NHS care.

Private Emergencies

  • An emergency or urgent assessment appointment costs £50 and includes 2 small x-rays.

  • The dentist will advise you of additional treatment charges once your condition has been assessed.


Need to re-schedule?

Please give us at least 48 WORKING HOURS’ NOTICE as a courtesy to other patients waiting for appointments.

Late cancellations and missed appointments are a cost to the NHS and the practice.  If you do not provide 48 hours notice the following apply:

48 hours

PRIVATE TREATMENTS - A charge of £1/minute is made for all appointments which are missed or moved with less than 48 hours


NHS TREATMENTS - NHS care at this practice will not be available to any patient who misses 2 appointments and NHS England will be notified. A list of other NHS dentists is available from reception.


Our policy towards unacceptable behaviour


Our team has the right to be treated with respect and politeness, and to work without fear of violent, abusive and/or intimidating behaviour. 


Any patient not complying with this policy will immediately be refused any further care and be de-registered on our database.  Further action may be taken if necessary.


Our policy towards future NHS care.


Demand for NHS care is high!  We maintain access for regular attenders and new patients as follows:


  1. We ask you to pre-book and make a note of your next routine check-up appointment before leaving. 

  2. We will send you ONE reminder by email or text. 

  3. We will de-register you if you do not attend for a check up within 6 months of the date it was due.

  4. Re-activation is not guaranteed and depends on NHS availability at the time of contact.